Intrapreneurial Thinking

Intrapreneurial Thinking
Encourage teams to think big. Take risks.

Once a company has been in the marketplace for sometime, there is a tendency to become more structured with well-established systems and routines. This can put a damper on ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and innovation.

Beyond the Box helps companies kick start “Intrapreneurial Development”

Today, more and more companies want to create teams of “intrapreneurs” who can use imaginative approaches to challenges and problem solving.

Develop Your Corporate Entrepreneurs
Intrapreneurial Thinking Workshops
Beyond the Box Intrapreneurial Thinking Workshops

Our intrapreneurial thinking training workshops allow your teams to explore processes, roles and skills needed to kick-start the intrapreneurial process. Workshop participants experience what it means to be to be an entrepreneur by:

  • Taking initiatives that others don’t expect

  • Stepping outside their comfort zones

  • Building effective problem-solving skills

  • Combining critical thinking with creative thinking

  • Adapting quickly and confidently to change

  • Examining issues from other perspectives

  • Collaborating across disciplines

  • Taking calculated risks

Want to kick start the innovative process of Intrapreneurial thinking?

“The time we spent with Beyond the Box was short and powerful.”


It opened our eyes to what we all have within and sometime afraid to let out. Thank you to Lola and Bob for a wonderful, insightful and very worthwhile afternoon.

Sebastian Mizi
Vice President
Signature Communities

Case Study

Despite the nature of the business, where people tend to move from contract to contract, this business became known as the ‘employer of choice’ and loyalty to the enterprise shot up. People felt lucky to be part of a forward looking and employee friendly organization.

Management’s ‘a-ha’ moment was recognizing that money was only one of many motivators, and identifying the others was a key to attraction and retention.

How to retain and motivate employees to stay part of the team

About Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box offers unique experiential programs and creative workshops that help change the way people think and how they approach obstacles and problems in the workplace.

Whether it is in Toronto, Ottawa or across Canada, we can custom design workshops – from a one-hour interactive keynote presentation to two-hour trust-building exercises to two-day team building retreats – for groups from 10 to 400.

Our Guarantee

Participants come away with a toolbox of techniques that allow them to:

  • Bring out the best in their colleagues by listening, being open and encouraging.
  • Understand how to engender trust and to communicate with authenticity and passion.
  • Think creatively about seeing new possibilities and opportunities by using fresh brainstorming techniques.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances by developing confidence in their ability to be nimble and creative.

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