Beyond the Box™ Takes Your Team to the Next Level

Beyond the Box™ is known for its unique experiential workshops and creative seminars that teach people practical ways of doing things differently.

Participants come away as a stronger team. Teams that are more willing to take meaningful risks and share each other’s ideas foster a more positive and productive workforce.

benefits of beyond the box

Make Good Teams Even Better.

Beyond the Box™ programs help participants

  • Discover qualities of spontaneity and humour – in themselves and others
  • Build trust within teams and organizations
  • Strengthen bonds with other team members
  • Combine thoughts and ideas in new ways
  • Recognize and expand intuitive abilities – without fear or judgment
  • Step outside their usual comfort zone
  • Focus on listening and communicating
  • Learn about styles of communication
  • Adapt quickly and confidently to change
  • Examine issues from new perspectives
  • Work collaboratively and effectively
  • Think inventively
  • Learn by doing
  • Apply these experiential skills to work scenarios

“Our team left with a plan going forward and one of their best days at work for a long time”


Leaving us with a plan going forward, and having teams in place to move this work along, was an added bonus. I will work with these groups to ensure we move towards some positive outcomes in social media, inter-department and external communications, and other topics. That adds legacy to the day’s training and, hopefully, will result in us recalling the day’s lessons – and cause us to reflect more on a go forward basis.

Russ Phillips
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Essex

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About Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box offers unique experiential programs and creative workshops that help change the way people think and how they approach obstacles and problems in the workplace.

Whether it is in Toronto, Ottawa or across Canada, we can custom design workshops – from a one-hour interactive keynote presentation to two-hour trust-building exercises to two-day team building retreats – for groups from 10 to 400.

Our Guarantee

Participants come away with a toolbox of techniques that allow them to:

  • Bring out the best in their colleagues by listening, being open and encouraging.
  • Understand how to engender trust and to communicate with authenticity and passion.
  • Think creatively about seeing new possibilities and opportunities by using fresh brainstorming techniques.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances by developing confidence in their ability to be nimble and creative.

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