What Our Clients Say

“You delivered more than I could have ever imagined”

A big thank you for unleashing a joyful optimism among our faculty and staff today. Your activities underscored the importance of community, trust, and respecting perspective, while your facilitation was supportive, fun, and enthusiastic. You have helped me start my term as Chair with so much confidence, positivity, and hope.

Ben Barry, MPhil, PhD
Chair of Fashion, Associate Professor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson University

“Beyond the Box provided a dynamic, engaging workshop, focusing on team building and interpersonal communication, for the full suite of staff in Finance and IT”

From the CFO to the AP clerk, the Director of IT to support staff, all found opportunities to express themselves, take risks, exchange perspectives — and it was done in a fun learning environment. The day was co-lead by Lola Rasminksy and Bob Presner, and they shared work and personal perspectives that enabled everyone to relate to their own situation at our organization.

Andria Spindel
President and CEO
March of Dimes Canada

“The Beyond the Box day was both fun and useful”

We wanted to come out of our day-long sessions having learned a lot but also having had fun in the process, which we did. It was a valuable experience for everyone.

Helen Ploumis
Human Resources Director
Angus Glen

“We consider Lola and Bob the newest members of our work family and we will not forget what they have shared with us.”

Thank you for providing our entire team with the most engaging, relevant, meaningful and enjoyable training in effective communication. Our team was disconnected, ineffective and no longer trusted in our vision. We had no idea what Lola and Bob could do for us but after two short days of breaking down barriers, it was evident that our entire team left with a renewed sense of optimism and positivity because we were all laughing again.

Robert Wolfe
Emergency Services Division, Administrator
Oneida Nation of the Thames

“We have become stronger—Beyond the Box will have an impact for years to come.”

Beyond the Box’s training, workshops, tools, inspiration and motivation have already made it possible for our management and staff to communicate more effectively and to work together better. Lola and Bob are tremendous facilitators, and we have already started to implement the feedback and findings. Ultimately, we have become stronger and more passionate about serving even more youth in need. Their work will have an impact for years to come.

Timothy Lang
President & CEO
Youth Employment Services YES

“We are pleased to have chosen Beyond the Box to be a Vendor of Record for Accenture.”

The bilingual Beyond the Box team kept 225 people from our Montreal office thoroughly engaged for two hours of experiential learning that was both useful and fun. It was a pleasure to see such a broad cross section of people, who work in so many different areas, communicating so openly, creating together – and laughing out loud. It was a great way to launch our program on innovation. We are pleased to have chosen Beyond the Box to be a Vendor of Record for Accenture.

Michael Denham
Past Managing Director
Accenture in Canada

“Beyond the Box got the creative juices flowing for a group of actuaries and benefits professionals”

We were surprised to discover how creative a group of actuaries and benefits professionals could be. The program was thoughtful and provocative.The session exceeded our expectations for building on our personal relationships and we came away with a renewed sense of our talents as a team. We look forward to our next Beyond the Box experience.

Bill Morneau
Past President and CEO
Morneau Shepell

“The time we spent with Beyond the Box was short and powerful.”

It opened our eyes to what we all have within and are sometimes afraid to let out. Thank you to Lola and Bob for a wonderful, insightful and very worthwhile afternoon.

Sebastian Mizi
Vice President
Signature Communities

“Beyond the Box puts the art back into business”

Beyond the Box effectively aims directly at imaginative problem solving. It consists of a fresh and new approach surfacing creative instincts of the participants. We all have a core of creativity.

Mary S. Aitken
Managing Director

“A Magical Day”

I could see the team moving from feelings of inhibition and scepticism, to involvement, enjoyment and productive results. The entire day was magical, the results fantastic and practical!

Joanne Gordon
Vice President, Commercial Financial Services
RBC Royal Bank

“Bravo BTB! You helped us to ‘imagine the possibilities!’”

We asked BTB to help us learn new skills to improve our individual and organizational performance. By developing specific examples, which related to our day-to-day experience and providing us a risk free environment, our learning was as much fun as it was insightful and we were ready to apply the results immediately. What’s more – we are now more willing and able to help each other, in a good way.

J. Fraser Wilson
The Canada Homestay Network Inc.

“We have never smiled or laughed so much in one day”

Staff have been giving me wonderful feedback on the retreat. We all agreed that we have never smiled or laughed so much in one day! I also plan on incorporating some of the photos into a photo book

Laurie Smyk
Pharmacy Department
St. Michael’s Hospital

“Breaking down barriers of IT Professionals”

Beyond The Box allowed us to see the many facets of each other, breaking down preconceptions and allowing the free-flow of ideas from different vantage points. There were a number of “ah-ha” moments from individuals with takeaways that will allow us to keep the (generated) momentum going beyond this one day. We plan to work with Beyond The Box again for follow up sessions to ensure we do just that and remain on track.

Linda Elphick
I View Systems

“Our team left with a plan going forward and one of their best days at work for a long time”

Leaving us with a plan going forward, and having teams in place to move this work along, was an added bonus. I will work with these groups to ensure we move towards some positive outcomes in social media, inter-department and external communications, and other topics. That adds legacy to the day’s training and, hopefully, will result in us recalling the day’s lessons – and cause us to reflect more on a go forward basis.

Russ Phillips
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Essex

“55 strangers in the Rotman Executive MBA opened up and set the stage for cohesive working teams.”

Beyond the Box is a great program for team building. It allowed 55 strangers in our Executive MBA program to open up to each other and set the stage for building a cohesive class and effective working teams. We will use the program again.

Jim Fisher
Past Associate Dean
The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

“Healthcare professionals discover their creative potential and innovative solutions to challenges they experience daily in their work”

Our group of pharmacy staff overwhelmingly rated this session as very good to excellent regarding the topics covered, new information learned, an interesting and enjoyable delivery and meeting their expectations. The degree and frequency of laughter and animated discussion throughout the session back up their evaluation. As a group of healthcare professionals who may not have thought of themselves as creative, they discovered how much potential they had in coming up with totally creative and innovative solutions to the challenges they experience daily in their work!

Dr. Janice Wells
Pharmacy Director
St. Michael's Hospital

“Beyond the Box engaged an extremely creative group on high-level changes and delivered a program that will drive results. Thank you! BTB truly one of a kind.”

Beyond The Box is truly one of a kind. I had a very important off-site to plan for – one in which I needed to engage an extremely creative group on high-level changes. My first call was to the folks at Beyond The Box. Having worked with them previously, I knew that, not only would I receive the highest professional and enthusiastic guidance, but they would deliver a program that would drive results. And once again, they did.

Heather Senst
Director, Creative Services
Astral Television Networks

“A worthy team building exercise for 350 Managers”

We had the pleasure of experiencing an innovative Beyond the Box session with a group of 350 managers at Corus’ annual leadership conference. The exercise not only created an atmosphere of creativity and teamwork, but generated a lot of laughter and hilarity. It’s definitely a worthy team-building exercise.

Hal Blackadar
Past Vice President, Human Resources
Corus Entertainment

“Teambuilding workshop for a cross-country creative group led to doors of discovery.”

We asked the folks at Beyond the Box to engage our cross-country creative group in a teambuilding workshop – and they did it right! We were entertained, informed and led through doors of discovery. We learned a lot without ever feeling we were being taught.

Matt Di Paola
National Director of Client Services
Tribal DDB Canada

“Tough audience makes break through in becoming better team players.”

Thank you for an incredible session!! The energy from start to finish was impressive! The team had a fabulous time from the early morning sessions of storytelling and Frisbee ID through to the ‘hats’ improv. The ‘hats’ really made its mark since a few people referred to this activity as one of the most valuable activities of the two days and a very transferable exercise in the final feedback session. We enjoyed the arts session and many people said they felt ‘lighter’ after doing the more introspective exercises. We appreciated the way all the activities were tied back to how this would help us to be better team players in the workplace. We are thrilled with how the whole event was received – PCH is a tough audience.

Maria Gregory
Senior Brand Manager
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

“Beyond the Box unleashed the creative energy of our team. It’s all about the art of the possible – a great management tool.”

Karen Goldenberg
Past President and CEO
JVS Toronto

“Beyond the Box helped us set a collegial and dynamic tone for a new board. The ice was broken and working relationships started to form.”

Beyond the Box was asked to assist in orienting a new board, not so much from the perspective of governance, as to help set a collegial dynamic tone. At first several were skeptical, but by the end the consensus was that much had been achieved. The ice was broken and working relationships had started to form. Now, several months later the spirit persists, and some of the tokens of the orientation, like the large place cards with trustee’s artwork on one side appear at every meeting. We move the cards around, and the mixing somehow helps keep the meeting fresh.

Harvey Schipper BSc, MD, FRCP(C)
Past President
Holy Blossom Temple

“Our group of World Presidents’ Organization executives participated with ebullience and joy in a most illuminating and surprising session. The experience will certainly contribute to the success of our companies.”

Peter Schmidt
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Canada Ltd.

“We found the workshop to be very effective.”

Our staff now feels that they are part of the solution and of suggesting ways of making things better.

Nicole Brouillard
Past Vice President
Canadian IT Manager
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada

“Beyond the Box is a masterful program run by skilled professionals. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day.”

Teamwork is critical to the success of our business. The Beyond the Box process allowed our medical affairs staff, marketing personnel and administrators to recognize their individual creative talents and to bond in a trusting, supportive way. Beyond the Box is a masterful program run by skilled professionals. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Elan Ezikson
Past President
Biogen Canada

“We’ve worked with Beyond the Box on three occasions. Each time the program was well-received and provided lasting and positive effects for employees.”

I have had the pleasure of working with the Beyond the Box team on three occasions. In every case, the staff engaged the participants through the use of theatre and art projects. The program was extremely well received and provided lasting and positive effects for employees. I would strongly recommend Beyond the Box as an innovative session to encourage staff to communicate, to learn about each other and provide a refreshing approach to team building.

Donna Holmes
Past Director, Communication Services Branch
Ministry of Consumer and Business Services, Government of Ontario

“Beyond the Box provided outstanding expertise and flexibility in offering a customized program. This was one of the most rewarding sessions employees attended in years.”

We found that Beyond the Box personnel provided outstanding expertise and flexibility in offering a customized program. The exercises selected produced an excellent open and creative forum for us to enhance team building, explore fun ways to build trust, learn more about ourselves and stimulate each person’s creativity and individuality. Feedback from the participants indicated that this was one of the most rewarding sessions they had attended in years.

George Krauss
Past Director, Human Resources
Bell Canada

“The Beyond the Box workshop fostered a sense of energy and trust amongst our in-house and freelance staff.”

The Beyond the Box workshop fostered a sense of energy and trust amongst our in-house and freelance staff. Our facilitators were given new tools to put into their leadership training kits. The session far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Nick Forrest
Forrest & Company