Brainstorming Strategies

Corporate team building
Brainstorming – New Ideas for a Changing World

In today’s business world, the only constant is change. This is a big switch from the way most of us were trained. We are all accustomed to the Cartesian realm of having clear and concise ideas that move forward in a linear fashion. And now we are expected to think in a different way – it’s quite a shift. But we need to prepare ourselves to think in new ways, to find different ways of looking at what is in front of us. We need to apply imaginative problem solving to tough challenges and issues – and we can do this through brainstorming.

What is Brainstorming?
  • Brainstorming incorporates integrative thinking
  • Brainstorming embraces surprise and spontaneity
  • Brainstorming requires a willingness to tolerate paradox
  • Brainstorming generates a large number of ideas
  • Brainstorming involves free association
  • Brainstorming suspends judgment
  • Brainstorming brings ideas together in new ways
  • Brainstorming is fun!
Brainstorming - New Ideas for a Changing World
What is Brainstorming
Beyond the Box Brainstorming Activities

At Beyond the Box, we have designed a wide variety of activities that incorporate brainstorming techniques. Groups dynamically brainstorm real-life challenges and commit to implementing realizable solutions.

  • Make sure you’re asking the right question.

  • Push yourself to not settle for the first few passable ideas that come to mind.

  • Generate large quantities of ideas in order to find one with a promising germ.

  • Defer judgment as much as possible.

  • Piggyback on other people's ideas – more ‘yes/and’; less ‘yes/but’.

  • Use lateral thinking techniques, e.g.: questioning assumptions; finding unexpected connections.

  • Change one single aspect of a product or service to create an entirely new offering.

Need to generate fresh ideas?

“Beyond the Box got the creative juices flowing for a group of actuaries and benefits professionals”


We were surprised to discover how creative a group of actuaries and benefits professionals could be. The program was thoughtful and provocative.The session exceeded our expectations for building on our personal relationships and we came away with a renewed sense of our talents as a team. We look forward to our next Beyond the Box experience.

Bill Morneau
Past President and CEO
Morneau Shepell

Case Study

Brainstorming Creates New Processes and Big Dividends for Client

During a guided brainstorming session, the team found significant ways to slim down the required steps to generate approval for funding – without adding risk . They worked through each stage and delivered the sought-after target of a five-day process.

Team members were given tools to think in new and different ways by using interactive, imaginative problem-solving techniques.

The team was empowered to take responsibility. They challenged each other to put the new process in place within two weeks from the day of the workshop – which they did. The brainstorming activities built trust, and a sense of accomplishment and pride.

After winning the business back, the bank decided to implement the five-day process into other commercial loan divisions of the company.

The process became the bank’s gold standard!

About Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box offers unique experiential programs and creative workshops that help change the way people think and how they approach obstacles and problems in the workplace.

Whether it is in Toronto, Ottawa or across Canada, we can custom design workshops – from a one-hour interactive keynote presentation to two-hour trust-building exercises to two-day team building retreats – for groups from 10 to 400.

Our Guarantee

Participants come away with a toolbox of techniques that allow them to:

  • Bring out the best in their colleagues by listening, being open and encouraging.
  • Understand how to engender trust and to communicate with authenticity and passion.
  • Think creatively about seeing new possibilities and opportunities by using fresh brainstorming techniques.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances by developing confidence in their ability to be nimble and creative.

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