Conflict Resolution & Morale Building

Corporate Resolution and Morale Building Workshops

Building a positive workplace culture. Resolving conflicts.
Beyond the Box helps boost morale and productivity.

Managing conflict in the workplace is a critical skill for any leader and employee. Often conflict can be resolved as fast is it erupts as long as leaders recognize the signs.

Open communication clears the air.

From working with many companies and teams in conflict, we have found that lack of clear and open communication often causes dysfunctional workgroups. Companies can face festering resentments from false assumptions, resulting in low morale. A toxic environment often makes the workplace unproductive, inefficient and unpleasant. It can also lead to a high level of absenteeism, lack of engagement and problems with employee retention.

The Beyond The Box Conflict Resolution Workshop Difference

We introduce hands-on exercises, as well as a “circle process” that helps individuals find innovative ways to prevent and resolve conflicts. These experiences will:

  • Build a positive workplace ecosystem
  • Enable individuals to express themselves openly
  • Learn to see others’ viewpoints
  • Improve communications
Conflict Resolution and Morale Building
Corporate Resolution and Morale Building Workshops

Conflict Resolution Means Building a Positive Workplace Culture. Beyond the Box helps teams develop skills, in a safe environment, that can be used right away.

Learning by doing. Our hands on conflict resolution and morale building workshops allow participants to not only explore and learn creative strategies, but also learn by doing through role-playing activities.

Lessons that can be directly and immediately applied to the workplace include developing skills in:

  • Active listening

  • Collaborative problem-solving

  • Questioning assumptions

  • Role playing challenging situations

  • Reframing the challenge at hand

  • Using the Circle Process for conflict resolution and consensus building

Build a more positive workplace culture

“We have never smiled or laughed so much in one day”


Staff have been giving me wonderful feedback on the retreat. We all agreed that we have never smiled or laughed so much in one day! I also plan on incorporating some of the photos into a photo book.

Laurie Smyk
Pharmacy Department
St. Michael’s Hospital

Case Study

Conflict Resolution: Trust Building. Morale Building

The workshop helped the group and the CEO see sides of themselves — and each other — that they had never been aware of.

The experience gave them the confidence and ability to change. They also came to know each other as people, not just as functionaries.

The session helped the team see the CEO in a more human light, rather than in a strictly managerial role. It also became apparent to the CEO that he needed to acknowledge his shortcomings and take steps to improve relationships — his communication skills — with the team.

About Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box offers unique experiential programs and creative workshops that help change the way people think and how they approach obstacles and problems in the workplace.

Whether it is in Toronto, Ottawa or across Canada, we can custom design workshops – from a one-hour interactive keynote presentation to two-hour trust-building exercises to two-day team building retreats – for groups from 10 to 400.

Our Guarantee

Participants come away with a toolbox of techniques that allow them to:

  • Bring out the best in their colleagues by listening, being open and encouraging.
  • Understand how to engender trust and to communicate with authenticity and passion.
  • Think creatively about seeing new possibilities and opportunities by using fresh brainstorming techniques.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances by developing confidence in their ability to be nimble and creative.

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