Leadership Training

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

Innovative Leaders, Focused Leadership
Learning to lead. Inspiring Leadership. “Beyond the Box” thinking.

That’s the thinking behind Beyond the Box Leadership Training Workshops.

Our hands-on, experiential learning workshop helps participants discover their own leadership abilities, as well as understand how actions and communication skills can, in turn, inspire others.

Beyond the Box Leadership Training

All of our leadership training workshops are founded on proven theory that experience gained in one arena can be applied to another. Leadership participants come away from our workshops and seminars with something far more valuable than a file folder full of notes. They will be equipped to:

Beyond the Box Leadership Training
  • Inspire others to get on board

  • Approach issues and problems more creatively

  • Listen to others and communicate more effectively

  • Engender trust

  • Adapt to change

  • Be clear about the vision and values of the organization

  • Work more productively

  • Foster teamwork

  • Brainstorm – imaginatively and effectively

  • Empower others to take the initiative

Want to find out how leadership and learning help make a good company or team great?

“Our group of World Presidents’ Organization executives participated with ebullience and joy in a most illuminating and surprising session. The experience will certainly contribute to the success of our companies.”

Peter Schmidt
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Canada Ltd.

Case Study

Melting Silos—Helping leaders in municipal government work as a team

The new Chief Administrative Officer of a county in Ontario was responsible for overseeing almost every municipal service we rely on to keep our communities functioning—fire, public works, human resources, corporate services…to name just a few. With a lot going on in a busy municipality, the CAO needed to bring his team of thirty leaders together and get them working and communicating with each other more effectively.
While some had been working for decades in the municipality, others were new to the team. There were different ages, educational backgrounds and levels of experience. Many did not recognize how their role fit in within the whole. The leaders did not often share their knowledge with each other or collaborate across departmental lines.

Beyond the Box ™ was tasked with getting this group to open up, trust and share. A variety of experiential activities were used to help the team build on each other’s experiences, give feedback constructively, and communicate more directly.

The team learned how to approach conversations in a more productive way and gain a greater understanding of the skill sets they needed to maintain a creative and thriving workplace.

It was all done with a sense of humor and laughter, where challenging moments became moments of positive engagement.

At the end of the day, the team came away with a practical toolkit and framework they could use to help improve communications and teamwork on an on-going basis.
Follow-ups with Beyond the Box helped reinforce the learnings.

The managers began to collaborate on projects more often. The office atmosphere became more collegial. Colleagues were more enthusiastic. More conversations were taking place!! Even the most skeptical members of the team found the workshop valuable and the best day of work ever.

About Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box offers unique experiential programs and creative workshops that help change the way people think and how they approach obstacles and problems in the workplace.

Whether it is in Toronto, Ottawa or across Canada, we can custom design workshops – from a one-hour interactive keynote presentation to two-hour trust-building exercises to two-day team building retreats – for groups from 10 to 400.

Our Guarantee

Participants come away with a toolbox of techniques that allow them to:

  • Bring out the best in their colleagues by listening, being open and encouraging.
  • Understand how to engender trust and to communicate with authenticity and passion.
  • Think creatively about seeing new possibilities and opportunities by using fresh brainstorming techniques.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances by developing confidence in their ability to be nimble and creative.

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